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One-on-one education class


Step into the enchanting world of bohemian bridal hairstyles with our exclusive education class designed for hairstylists seeking to master the art of free-spirited, romantic bridal looks.

Chantelle will guide you through the intricacies of creating soft, undone waves, incorporating braids, twists, and floral accents to achieve that dreamy, boho-chic vibe. Learn how to balance the relaxed and tousled elements with the structure needed for a bridal updo, allowing you to cater to brides seeking a look that is both ethereal and refined.

Throughout the course, you'll explore the use of accessories such as flower crowns, beaded headpieces, and bohemian veils to enhance and personalize each style. Discover the art of layering and texture to achieve that perfect balance between bohemian effortlessness and wedding day sophistication.

Our bohemian bridal hairstyles class goes beyond the technical aspects, fostering a deep understanding of the boho aesthetic, so you can confidently bring your client's vision to life. 


Book now to elevate your bridal hairstyling skills with the magic of bohemian elegance.

Investment: $400

Duration: 3.5 hrs

Location: West Pennant Hills

In-salon training days available, please enquire below.

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